Walking the Ridgeway: Nuffield to Wendover

The Ridgeway – Nuffield to Wendover (26.2 miles)

After retracing my steps from Nettlebed back to the start of the Ridgeway (I felt renewed and ready for the day). I headed across fields on farmland and descended through the interesting woodland area of Jacob’s tent. Proceeding on through more farms, I came to the outskirts of Watlington.

The roar of the M40 draws closer as you start to ascend rolling hills. I met two walkers from Chinor who were shocked that I was heading to Wendover that very day! In hindsight it was quite a distance!

Going under the M40!
Going under the M40!

As I headed to Chinor, beautiful wooded hills flanked my right. Once I reach the Icknield Way Trail, I realised the Ridgeway took an unexpected turn south (one that I did not plan for).

The countryside was rolling and beautiful with sheep grazing peacefully. I took a breather whilst contemplating the journey that lay ahead.

Neverending steps
Neverending steps

Nearing Princes Risborough I rejoined the Icknield Way, and walked along a busy main road to the edge of the town. I ascended Whiteleaf Hill, feeling like the steps were never ending! The view at the top of made it up for it (and the bench!). I was slightly confused by the signage but managed to find the right path. Found some beautiful scenery at great Kimble Warren.

Scenery near Chequers
Scenery near Chequers

Headed through estate like fields, before seeing numerous police cars - a sure sign I was nearing Chequers (the Prime Minister's country residence!). I walked along the outskirts before crossing the main drive with the building on the left and then gated entrance on the right. Security cameras were all around. I was right in the middle of Chequers!

Following the hills around you come to a monument and Wendover is finally within sight!

I charged along the gradually descending hillside before reaching Wendover, and my stay for the night, The Red Lion. A very comfortable and most welcome rest! Day 2 down.

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